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The Linde Spirit

Our values

Passion to excelWe have the commitment and drive to pursue ever higher standards of excellence and we celebrate success.
Innovating for customersWe relentlessly pursue new ways to add value to external customers.
Empowering peoplePeople are given the space to contribute and grow.
Thriving through diversityDiversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions.

Our foundational principles

SafetyWe don’t want to harm people.
IntegrityOur actions are honest, fair and ethical.
SustainabilityWe are preoccupied with today’s success, but accept our responsibility for future generations.
RespectEvery human being deserves to be treated with respect.

Contact Linde AG, Head Office

Phone +49.89.35757-01
Fax +49.89.35757-1075

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Our culture is what binds us together.